Campsie South Bowling & Recreation Club

    38 Jarrett Street Clemton Park NSW 2206

    p: +61 2 9787 1099 | e: info@campsiesouth.com.au | w: www.campsiesouth.com.au

    ABN 58 001 050 040

    Application for Membership from 20 to

    Includes RNSWBA Affiliation Fees

    Birth Date: //

    Privacy Acknowledgement: The Club’s privacy policy has been explained to me and I / wish to receive information about Club functions, events and or promotions. I hereby apply to become a Member and agree, if admitted, to faithfully observe all Club rules and by-laws which may from time to time be enforced. I agree to be bound by all licensing laws and regulations and will conduct myself in a manner befitting a Member of Campsie South Bowling & Recreation Club. I agree that the Board of Directors shall be empowered to terminate my

    membership, if in their opinion, my answer to any question is found to be untrue or misleading, or if at any time my behaviour is not acceptable under the terms listed in this statement.